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Oude "DX News"-berichten

50MHZ band open naar de Caraïben
Ingediend door: ON4IQ
Na een aantal rustige dagen opnieuw DX te horen en werken vanuit België.

FM5AN, KP4EIT, PJ4NX, PJ4VHF, NP2J om er een paar te noemen.

Ook YV5IUA was van de partij.

Vanuit Engeland waren de condities wel een pak beter.
50MHz dx news
Ingediend door: ON4IQ
De 50MHz band blijft verrassen, naar het westen slechte propagatie maar naar het Oosten stapelen de goede openingen zich op. De laatste dagen was JT5DX JT1CO en een reeks JA te horen. CW natuurlijk. Vandaag 02/06 werkte een ganse reeks ON stations met JT1CO ww.loc. OO20VA.

05/06 Iets mindere condities de laatste 2 dagen, TY2AC was opnieuw te werken, ook in SSB. Tijdens de velddag was hij goed waarneembaar. Een van de bijzonder zeldzame Europese vakken, IO44, het extreme noordwesten van Ierland was eveneens actief EI7MRE/p in IO44WC.

10/06 Korte band opening naar de Caraïben met PJ4NX en de USA (3/4/5) call area.
50MHz band kan weer heel wat DX bieden
Ingediend door: ON4IQ
50 MHz begint zich te roeren. De laatste week is de Eskip (sporadische E) volop van start gegaan met DX uit gans Europa. Maar ook stations buiten Europa waren te horen en te werken. Een aantal uitzonderlijke bandopening de afgelopen dagen, vrij uniek.

Donderdag 26/5 was DU7/PA0HIP geruime tijd met sterke signalen te horen. Nog uitzonderlijker was BV6CC en BM6GJL die eveneens waarneembaar waren. In de vroege avond maakte FM5WD furore en werkte heel wat stations, dit alles in CW.

Ook andere DX (korter bij) was te werken, UN EX UK R6KA waren sterk en werkten tientallen stations in België.

Vanuit Africa was TY2AC uren te horen in CW.

Zondag 29/5 opnieuw raak, BA4SI goed neembaar en verrassend genoeg een hele reeks stations uit Japan. In de vroege namiddag korte opening naar de oostkust van de USA. Heel wat DX ondanks tegenvallende zonnecyclus, nagenoeg alles buiten Europa enkel via CW te werken. Tijd om de morse aan te scherpen!

Maandag 30/05 bracht behalve de vele regen ook opnieuw Eskip. MUF was hoog (genoeg voor 144 MhHz ES) hierdoor stations op korte afstand hoorbaar (OK OE S5).
Nieuw VHF velddag reglement
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Het nieuw VHF &Up velddag reglement is gepubliceerd op de UBA website. Er zijn een paar belangrijke wijzigingen:
  • Er is een nieuwe categorie: multi 6uur
  • De single operator is afgeschaft: de velddag is een sectie gebeuren
  • De periode om de logs in te dienen is verkort tot 10 dagen


Jacques ON4AVJ

VHF contest manager
VHF/UHF contesters: important for the 6H contesters
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Like you know we added a new category, 6H class, for the IARU VHF contests. The contest robot is ready for this and we tested it during the July contest, in cooperation with the S5 contest robot.
We did find a little problem:
Some contesters who are contesting in the 6h class, are competing more than 6H but only send the logs with only the 6h. This is confusing for the robots, because the QSO’s out of the 6h are rejected for the stations who are working 24 hours.
So please inform you members that they should be sending the complete log. We will correct this during the upcoming meetings.
Please inform you members who want to compete in the upcoming contests:

"Every participant that is planning to enter the 6H category MUST send his complete LOG even if he operated longer than 6 hours. Only first 6 active hours will be used for score evaluation, while the rest of the log (if at all) will be used for cross-check purposes".

73 and good luck
Chairman IARU-R1 C5 committee
New 70 cm beacon in GB
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
One of our new 70cm beacons is now on air - GB3LEU on 432.490.

One of its beams is South East (135 degrees) and should give you some reports in Belgium and Netherlands in good conditions.

You can see it on beaconspot at:-
UK Microwave Group - Beacon Spots.

View on www.beaconspot.eu.

Murray G6JYB
Friedrichshafen 2015
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Thanks to the hospitality of the DARC we will be able to have an informal C5 meeting. Not only for the VHF managers but all HAM’s who are interested in the work of IARU-R1 VHF & up matters.
After a small introduction about the way of working of C5 we will have an open discussion. This could be useful to prepare for the Vienna interim meeting in 2016.
This meeting will take place on Saturday June 27th from 15.00 until 16.30 in Room A (5th floor) in the administrative building. You have to leave the exhibition(don’t forget to get your stamp) and walk to the administrative building.
We would appreciate that you inform your members about this meeting and are looking forward to seeing you there.
Best 73
Jacques ON4AVJ
Chairman C5
New ARI EME Trophy
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
ARI is proud to invite you all to take part to the New ARI EME Trophy.
Full rules are here.
The first period is on April 25-26th.

Best 73’s Alex IV3KKW
New spectrum for digital experiments in UK
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ
Ofcom have agreed the use of 70.5 MHz to 71.5 MHz by radio amateurs for digital experimentation.
Use will be permitted only via a Special Research Permit and further details of the application process will be published in due course.
For information, the following conditions will apply:
  • Access to this part of the spectrum will be authorised under a Notice of Variation, time-limited to 12 months and available to Full Licence holders only.
  • Ofcom will retain the right to reallocate Amateur Radio spectrum at 70.5 – 71.5MHz should there be a demand for this part of the spectrum from Business Radio and/or other or new services. In the event of this happening, Ofcom will not consult on this decision. However, Ofcom will provide Amateur Radio users with 12 months’ notice before such reassignment and this notice period will be publicised on the Ofcom website.
  • Amateur Radio use of this spectrum will be permitted on a non-protection, non-interference basis. Please note that if use is shown to cause interference, the spectrum will be removed with immediate effect
  • Permission will be subject to a geographical restriction and only granted for use in England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland and Wales. (There is legacy use of the spectrum by the Scottish Government which precludes licensing for Amateur Radio).
Note that in a similar manner to 146-147MHz, international coordination is likely to be required as use must be compliant with the level published in the Harmonised Calculation Method (HCM) Agreement of +6dBuV/m.

John - RSGB VHF Manager
70 MHz in Malta
Ingediend door: ON4AVJ

The 70,0 MHz - 70,5 MHz band has been allocated to Amateur Radio use on secondary basis and included in the National Frequency Plan as published by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) on 13 Feb 2015.
There are quite a few local stations interested in being active on 4 m.